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Build Smart

Increase Profits

Why Wall Panels?

Build Green.

With less material on site, greatly reduced impact on job site and environment, more efficient use of lumber.

Imagine the benefits...

If you could move the building process indoors to a controlled environment:

You could eliminate weather delays, increase productivity, reduce vandalism and on site material damage, reduce on site waste and scrap and gain more productive work hours with less crew.

These are a few of the benefits of Wall Panel Systems designed by Premier!

Pre-built components are not a new idea.  In fact, in 1930 the Empire State Building was assembled using walls pre-built in a factory.  During the 1950's, "Panelized Wall Systems" helped builders meet demand in residential markets, despite a shortage of skilled laborers.  While this cost-saving process had many supporters, it never really took hold until the 1990's.

Today, the modern builder faces many new challenges that impact the bottom line.  Costs of materials, labor, insurance and lost time all affect profitability.  Premier Wall Panel Systems are your powerful ally in the battle to increase your quality and profitability.

Premier Wall panel Systems assists you by taking weeks off a build cycle for a wide range of applications, from single and multi-family to commercial buildings.

The Premier System helps you realize these benefits:

- Reduce build cycle time
- Reduce material costs
- Reduce weather delays
- Reduce errors with our "pre-build design check"
- Reduce defective materials due to ongoing quality check during manufacturing
- Increase consistency of materials and fasteners
- Increase accuracy with our durable laminated panel guide and layout
- Increase productivity of manpower with moderate construction skills
- Increase Profits

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